Monday, June 19, 2017

Vacation Bible School

June 19-23 was Vacation Bible School week at our church and Lia was excited to be a part of it again. The Theme was :  Maker Fun Factory - Created by God - Built for a Purpose
Here is Lia with her "Blue Bubba" group.  I love the bright orange t-shirts this year.

We are always excited to see the decorations and they did not disappoint!  Just look at this life sized paint brush.  So fun!

Each of the letters is unique.  I am always so impressed.

Isaac loves robots and was over the moon when he saw this!  Every day he could not wait to go see the robot.  :-)

Emily and David had DECATS during VBS week this year but were excited to see all the decorations and music and dancing on family night.  Maybe we can make a robot out of our refrigerator?

A taste of some of the fun:

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