Friday, July 14, 2017

Lazy 5 Ranch

We decided Isaac would really enjoy a trip to the Lazy 5 Ranch so we made that our big activity for today.  We would have liked to have taken the horse drawn wagon tour but they said it was too hot for the horses so we ended up doing the drive your own vehicle tour with lots of animal feed.

Animals everywhere!

Peacocks in the Pavilion.

And I think Isaac's face says it all here!  Yes, the animals would stick their heads right in the van.  Isaac moved to the back seat!

Zebras!  Right by us!

Pot bellied pigs and even a baby pig!


These are ostrich (emu?) eggs just lying on the ground.  We argued it must be hot enough to not require Mom to fit on them...?

Longhorn in the road.

And apparently some of those random eggs lying around do hatch.  Check out the babies!

And a fantastic way to end the tour... David got to feed the giraffe.  Isn't that cool?

I have a couple of great video clips too... I'll post them when I get to the hotel.

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